Clarify Your Idea

Crystallize your concept - move confidently forward with your unique message.

Turn It Into A Book

Transform your stories and ideas into sparkling prose that delights readers.

Find Your Readers

Get a publishing and promotion plan that achieves your dreams.
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A big part of you goes into your book. You want it to succeed out there in the world.  I can help you give your “baby” its best chance for success.

- Steve Donahue

•Developmental editing

•Book outline

•Identifying your reader

•Manuscript evaluation

•Book proposal creation

•Meeting deadlines

•Staying inspired

•Unearthing your stories

•Finding your “voice”

•Organizing your writing

•Finding an agent

•Being your own agent

•Developing followers

•Building a platform

•Launching a book tour


Steve introduced me to the power of narrative intelligence. The feedback was truly insightful and he showed me how to make my words come to life. His practical guidance gave me the confidence to see my dream become a reality.

Tom Caverly, author of “Esprit De Corpse”

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